Sustainable natural rubber latex

Our latex pacifiers from BIBS, Frigg and Mininor give you as a parent options, all teats are the same but the sheilds give you slightly...

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Pacifier nipple guide

Parenthood is an incredible journey. However, this journey can also be stressful for new parents who are unsure about which products are the best fit...

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Silicone Care Guide

Whether your child is embarking on their exciting journey of starting solids, and you've invested in beautiful silicone tableware, or you've owned these fantastic silicone...

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SENGER Naturwelt - Frequently Asked Questions

Reference and Images: SENGER Naturwelt How do I warm or cool my SENGER Cuddly Animal? To heat your cherry stone or grape seed pillow: ½-1 minute in...

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Discover Senger Naturwelt

SENGER Naturwelt was founded by Sabine and Volker Senger over 30 years ago in Hesse, Germany. To this day, they both work on each product...

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THE BEST TODDLER CUTLERY & TABLEWARE FOR INDEPENDENT EATINGAs parents, we all reach that milestone when our child is ready to become an independent eater....

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Charlie Crane's Kumi Cradle

Great things come in small packages. So they say. Or is it the bigger the better? Compact design is definitely a tick box for us...

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Bath toys for squeaky-clean fun

Babies and kids love spending time in the tub, and a bubbly bath with fun toys is the perfect way to end their day. Bath toys...

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What to do with our Silicone Links

Introducing your new favorite product. Is it a toy? A teether? A link?  Yes all of these. It’s pretty much magic what our Links can do!  There...

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