The Charlie Crane Levo – The Best Baby Rocker

The Charlie Crane Levo – The Best Baby Rocker

One of the key items every new parent needs is a baby rocker.  But which one is the best? There are many different types of rockers, bouncers and baby seats out there, with each one promising to be the best.  You can pop down to your local department store and pick up a cheap & cheerful plastic bouncer for next to nothing.  But they tend not to last the distance and after a year of use they often end up in landfill. 

Or you can get one of those cool swing type bouncers or automated rockers but they can be quite bulky and take up a heap of space in your living area.  This is not ideal if you have limited space or if you don’t much like being surrounded by baby stuff 24/7.

Important things to look for when deciding on the perfect baby rocker for you and your family:

1. Longevity: You need a rocker that is big enough to last up until bub is at least 6 months plus you need to ensure that it will fit comfortably in your living area/home as that is pretty much where it is going to be for quite some time.

2. Function: There are no mandatory New Zealand Standards for baby rockers so the best way to ensure that your rocker is safe then check that it meets the strict European Standards. These standards ensure that your rocker is safe, performs as it should and meets the approved safety measures.

3. Ergonomic: When bubs spends any amount of time in any rocker you want to be sure that they are correctly supported. An ergonomically designed rocker will ensure baby’s back, hips, head and neck are in the correct position for their own safety and healthy physical development.

Newborn babies feel so very fragile, every movement you make with them is soft and gentle. It's hard to imagine a cosier place for them than in your arms but sometimes it's nice to be able to put them down. Charlie Crane's Levo rocker is the perfect place for this. Suitable from birth, the rocker cushion creates a cosy nest to safely hold your newborn baby. The padded harness ensures they are secure and the gentle rocking motion helps them feel soothed.

4. Eco Friendly: In the baby world there is so much junk and waste happening that as new parents it is vital to ensure you limit the amount of waste created. For this reason it is important to look for a bouncer that, after a short time won’t end up useless and in landfill.  Look for a bouncer that will stand the test of time and can be passed down to siblings or other family members, then thoughtfully recycled when it has reached its natural end.
The rocker's wooden frame comes in light beech or dark walnut helping it suit a broad range of home decor. The wood is sourced from sustainably managed forests in Europe and preserved with a water-based mat varnish making it easy to wipe clean.

5. Hygienic: Let’s face it, babies make A LOT of mess every day!  If you are putting your baby in a rocker regularly then you want to be sure that you can keep it clean with regular washing so ensure the rocker you choice has a cushioned seat that it removable for cleaning.

6. Value for Money: In those first few months your baby is probably going to spend a lot of time in their bouncer while they digest after a feed, relax and also have some good rocking fun. With this in mind it is quite acceptable to spend a little more as you will be sure to get a lot of bang for your buck.  Don’t scrimp when it comes to safety, ergonomics and sturdiness as if you spend wisely it will be a valuable investment.

New style Levo cushions have a removable harness which means the rocker can be turned into a rocking chair as your baby grows up. We love that the rocker can continue to be enjoyed by a child (up to 5 years) as a comfortable place to relax.

7. Looks: As the saying goes, Looks Don’t Matter, but when it comes to all the baby stuff cluttering up your living space driving you nuts then this saying can take a hike!  If you like a living room that doesn’t look like a child care centre then get a bouncer that doesn’t look like a loud, plastic annoying child’s toy.  Look for something that will fit in with your home décor and something that compliments your living space.
The contemporary design of the rocker and high standard of craftsmanship give the Levo an heirloom quality that can be used and passed on over the years.
The Levo Rocker cushion comes in a beautiful range of gender-neutral fabrics, all 100% cotton and wonderfully soft.
The machine-washable cushion is easy to remove and you can buy a spare so you have one on hand at all times - this is also handy when you can't decide which fabric option to go for, hmmm - patterned or plain? Both!

We know parents don’t have a lot of time to be researching every single item for your new baby.  So we have done the research for you and have found what we believe to be the best baby rocker on earth that meets every single one of the listed must haves and this is the Charlie Crane Levo Baby Rocker.

Using natural products and clever bentwood techniques the Levo Rocker by Charlie Crane is not only practical and comfortable but also a very beautiful piece of furniture.

This rocker moves when your baby moves, the motion is much subtle and gentler than the battery operated rockers that can be a bit intense & over stimulating for a little one.
As the Levo moves in response to baby’s own movement, if they start up so too will the Levo.  The more baby moves the more it will prompt the chair to gently rock and soothe them. In turn when baby is happy the Levo Rocker reacts accordingly to entertain and also teach them a thing or two about cause & effect and help develop their gross motor skills.   
The Levo is no bucking bronco - it has a very gentle back and forth motion (ideal, we have found, when there is an enthusiastic sibling on the scene).
The rocker follows the baby's natural movements but can also be easily rocked by a parent - with your big toe from the sofa works well ;)

The Levo meets the strict European standards and is designed for baby to be comfortably strapped in and their weight evenly distributed so there are no uncomfortable hotspots for them.

Each Levo frame is expertly crafted in wood produced in sustainably managed forests.  This wood is treated with a natural protective oil which is authorised for contact with foodstuffs so it looks good and you don’t need to worry about any nasty chemicals harming your baby.
The cushioned top is made from super soft cotton muslin.  Each one has a 3 point harness for additional safety and comfort.  When it needs a clean all you need to do is pop it in the wash and it will look brand new.
Weighing in at 3.6kg, the Levo rocker is surprisingly lightweight given its sturdy frame,  making it simple to be easily moved around the house to wherever you may be and many parents take them over to friends & relatives houses or on holidays ensuring a little piece of home comes with them wherever they may be.

View the beautiful range of Levo Rockers, cushions and accessories here

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