A Parent's Guide to Silicone Bibs

A Parent's Guide to Silicone Bibs

Silicone Bibs are life changing for parents.  Mealtime is one of the many activities that infants enjoy. Babies love to explore and play while they eat, and it’s something we should encourage for many reasons. 
Eating is an opportunity for their brain to be stimulated by new tastes and sensations. They are getting familiar with the concept of food while building motor skills. It’s also a great opportunity to bond and practice their language skills with you. 
Indeed, babies playing with their food is normal and even a good thing! With so many things to experience, eating is an adventure for them. However, it can sometimes be real work for parents to clean up after. Enter Silicone Bibs!  Lessen the mess, cut the chores.

Lightweight, flexible, water resistant and super easy to clean, our Silicone Bibs will help with meal times, save your floor with a specially designed pocket on the bottom to catch the crumbs & debris, or the drips when your little one is learning to drink.  Your child may eat with their hands, allowing them to practice their motor skills. 
After each meal they can be wiped clean or simply pop into your dishwasher.
Having an easy-to-clean bib reduces the time you spend cleaning. As the food doesn’t stick on the silicone, you can find comfort in the thought that bacteria won’t stay and multiply on your child’s bib.  Resistant to stains, introduce your baby to all types of food, wet or dry.

With adjustable clasps, you can secure the silicone bib around your baby’s neck at the appropriate tightness. It also allows a longer use with a growing baby. And since it’s lightweight, your little bundle of joy won’t feel it.

Our Silicone Bibs are soft & pliable, easy to roll & fold, doesn't take up room in your bag, great for out and about.

Are Silicone Bibs safe?
Silicone is a non-toxic alternative to plastic and contains no BPA or other harmful chemicals that might interact with our food and beverages. ... This is one of the many reasons baby bibs made of this material are highly recommended, and zealous parents choose silicone.

Babies will understandably make lots of mess during mealtimes, especially when they are just starting out into the wonderful world of food.  But these messes allow them to develop mind and muscle while having fun. You don’t have to stop the fun; you just have to be ready to catch the aftermath!

Classical Child offers a mess-free experience with innovative products made with safe materials for your child, just like the Silicone Bibs. We guarantee that our products are safe and easy to use for mealtime, playtime, bath time and any moment in between.

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