Baby Travel Essentials

What do you need when travelling with baby?
Whether you are off for a quick weekend getaway or travelling long haul some must have items for travelling with little people are:

Essentials for travelling with baby

1.  Bugaboo Butterfly  - The one second fold stroller for travels near & far. Once folded it's very light and easy to carry.  Approved for travel by the International Transport Association (IATA) - able to be taken as hand luggage onto aircraft.

2.  Travel Changing Mat - These travel mats give your little one a soft and clean spot to lie on, making it super easy to change your baby's nappy on the go. Folds into an envelope bag, allowing you to fit extra diapers and a pack of wet wipes inside.

3.  Silicone Bibs - There's alot to juggle when travelling with children, take just 1 silicone bib with you, when meal time is over give the bib a quick wash under water, or wipe with a baby wipe, then simply roll up & pop into your bag until the next meal.

4.  Cozy Keeper - Keep pacifiers close by and comfort little fingers with the soft body.  The Cozy Keeper will be a familiar sleeping companion for your baby and make sure no pacifiers float away. The Cozy Keeper has a practical Velcro clip and an elastic loop to attach pacifiers both with and without handles.

5.  Arch Nappy Bag - Easily convert the bag between a backpack and a tote. When travelling we often feel like we don't have enough hands!  Having a nappy bag with the option to be a backpack is an absolute life saver. 

6.  Bugaboo Stardust - The ultra-comfortable, all-in-one, 1 second pop-up portacot. So easy to use and to transport, the Bugaboo Stardust creates a comfortable, safe space for your baby to sleep or play wherever you are.

7.  Bugaboo Transport Bag - Protect your Bugaboo on all of your travels with the Bugaboo Comfort Transport Bag. Suitable for all Bugaboo strollers, the transport bag is durable, super functional and user-friendly making it perfect for holiday travel. The self-standing Bugaboo Comfort Transport Bag has comfortable carry handles and wheels for easy rolling. It includes shoulder straps for carrying and a separate bag for front and rear wheels keeping the transport bag clean. Folds compactly for storage when not in use. 

8.  Silicone Links - A parent's best friend! Crafted from soft silicone, these interlocking links easily attach to pram, car seat, bouncer or playgym for an on the go teether or use to link favourite toys & pacifiers.  Use to grip blankets, or muslins over pram or carseat.

9.  Squeakie Sanitiser - An award winning child safe hand sanitiser.  Squeakie is the 100% natural hand sanitiser that meets WHO, CDC & EWG guidelines, kills 99.99% of germs & makes your skin feel A-mazing.   Squeakie is a unique all natural healing serum that people with sensitive skin or who just dont want dry and irritated skin can use. Squeakie uniquely does not use denatured ethanol and contains zero nasty chemicals that are dertimental to our health & wellbeing. 

10.  Dummy Chain - Safely keep pacifiers within your baby's reach, as well as keeping them clean. With a pacifier clip, you don't have to bend down to constantly retrieve your baby's pacifier, and it always stays clean.  There won't be any lost dummies down the side of aircraft seats!

11.  Silicone Suction Snack Cup  - Keep those snacks in one place and stop the spills!  Because snacking doesn't need to be messy.  Crafted in soft silicone, this snack container is designed for on the go convenience. Spill proof lid features special flaps to make it easy for little hands. Shake, throw or tip upside down and the contents stay inside. Removable lid for cleaning. Collapsible to adjust to the amount of contents and for easy storage. Featuring suction to keep it in place on flat surfaces.  

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