Hair Accessories

Hair accessories make everyday a little bit more exciting, we have a beautiful range suitable for school to special occasions and beyond, discover Liberty of London clips and headbands to bonnets and feather headbands with matching collars! 

Clustered Wreath | Classical Child

Clustered Wreath

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Arabian Princess Headband - Classical Child
 - 1

Headband Arabian Princess

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Heather Velvet in Headband | Classical Child

Heather Velvet in Headband

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Jasmin Corded Lace Headband | Classical Child

Jasmin Corded Lace Headband

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Ruffled Pearl Velvet Headband | Classical Child

Ruffled Pearl Velvet Headband

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Two Tone Heather Velvet Bow Clip | Classical Child

Two Tone Heather Velvet Bow Clip

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Party Bow - Classical Child
 - 1

Velvet Party Bow

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Velvet Party Bow Wrap | Classical Child

Velvet Party Bow Wrap

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