What is sanitizer doing to my childs skin?

What is sanitizer doing to my childs skin?

What is hand sanitizer doing to my skin, or my childs skin?  Are your hands dry with all the washing, does your child suffer from eczema?  Are you worried about the side effects of constant use of sanitiser on your children?  Are you looking for a child safe sanitiser?

No we are not jumping onto the sanitizer bandwagan due to the pandamic - However with our own children suffering from eczema and living in the very dry mid South Island region of New Zealand, winter time is always a battle to keep childrens hands from becoming dry, cracked and even bleeding.  And that was before constant hand sanitizing.

In these unprecentated times of the Covid-19 pandemic sanitizing has become part of daily life, however sanitizers come with certain side effects, redness, dryness, cracks and even blisters.  Although sanitiser is recommended for disinfecting hands, the truth is that it strips vital oils from the epidermis or outer layers of the skin, leaving the skin's barrier funtion impaired as well as causing all the side effects mentioned above.

However after researching and finding a safe product for my own children,  we have discovered the most amazing product that we absoutely have to share with you!


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Squeakie is a company providing a 100% natural hand sanitiser that complies with the World Health Organisation hand sanitiser guidelines and the Centre for Disease Control. It uses a simple combination of non-drying ingredients with pure milk whey alcohol to kill 99.9% of germs rapidly, as well as soothing and healing hands, leaving the hands soft, nourished and sanitised without the use of harmful chemicals. There is no antibacterial residue left on the skin, eliminating the risk of bacterial resistance. The Squeakie hand sanitisers come in 100% Recycable packaging and are not tested on animals. Classical Child loves that 10% of all profits go to people and causes that need a helping hand.

So in simple terms!  Squeakie is a medically safe sanitiser that's been proven to kill the same germs as traditional sanitiser, and leaves your skin softer and better than before!  All while supporting charities!  Not only will you and your childs hands be left feeling oh so soft, but you get that warm fuzzy feeling inside from knowing you are helping someone less fortunate then yourself!

It comes in 2 amazing scents Lime & Palmarosa and Sandalwood, Copaiba & Tangerine,  we absoutely love both of these fresh vibrant scents but have to say the Lime is just a tiny bit more favourite, reminding us of beautiful summer days!

We now have both options available to shop online now, with free shipping NZ wide with any order over $50, and shipping available worldwide



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