Looking for a child-friendly sanitizer?

Are you looking for a child friendly sanitizer?  

Well we sure have been!  Wanting to protect our own 2 children but without using the terribly drying effects of standard sanitizer we have been searching and searching and have found the amazing Squeakie 100% natural sanitizer.  This has proved an absolute life saver in our home, with 1 eczema prone daughter, we can witness first hand that this is what you want to be using on your children!

Award winning and with 5 star reviews since 2014. Squeakie is the 100% natural hand sanitiser that meets WHO, CDC & EWG guidelines, kills 99.99% of germs & makes your skin feel A-mazing. Created by a Mum and Daughter who are passionate about protecting people from both germs and nasty chemicals. Squeakie is a unique all natural healing serum that people with sensitive skin or who just don't want dry and irritated hands can use. Squeakie uniquely does not use denatured ethanol with unlisted toxic denaturants and contains zero nasty chemicals that are detrimental to our health & wellbeing. The world is in your hands. Kind to you, kind to others, kind to our planet. 100% recyclable sugar cane derived packaging.  10% of profits to causes that need a helping hand. NZ Made. 

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