Dear Ted

Designed by New Zealanders passionate about doing things right

Our vision
We wanted to create beautiful, unique bears that would not only brighten up people’s homes & bring joy & cuddles but also benefit local businesses by giving back which is where Dear Ted was born.

Our design
It started with a simple but timeless design, the classic style teddy bear with a modern & colourful twist. Dear Ted Editions are boutique bears that will bring warmth, charm & character to any room in your home. The next step was workshopping a range of playful colours to suit any taste & decor. Then finally adding a sweet little personality to each Ted & adorable packaging, making Dear Ted the best gift.

Our materials
Ensuring the bear is durable & the softest Ted on the market. We worked with New Zealand local suppliers to find sustainable, high-quality fibres. Made with a blend of merino wool, possum & nylon, recycled stuffing, the knit is the perfect balance of softness & durability. We found a wonderful manufacturer who could bring our Teds to life, with a natural, chemical-free process that makes every bear suitable for kids & adults alike.
Our pledge
One of the most important things we wanted to do was give back to the incredible country we call home, & help protect it's truly stunning forests & its precious indigenous wildlife. That’s why we pledged to donate every year to a really great cause close to our hearts. We looked carefully for an organisation that aligned with our values & decided on the New Zealand Conservation Trust, for their biodiversity work & education efforts that will help preserve our amazing ecosystem for generations to come.

We hope your Ted brings you years of happiness.