Classical Child

Classical Child is a New Zealand born brand for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and children.

At the core of Classical Child is the desire to provide beautiful high quality items for babies and children. With a focus on the practical, and also stand out from the crowd with great aesthetics.  For use at home or on the go. Things to keep for yourself or to give as gifts. From toys and tableware to essentials and decoration, Classical Child ensures that each product is a real treasure. Our products provide a timeless sense of style, are fun to play with, and completely safe for use by children.

Quality and design are both equally important. Our products are carefully designed and crafted from high quality materials with the greatest care and attention. Each piece is thoroughly tested to applicable safety standards. Timeless but interesting, our products are designed to incorporate into daily family activities and to seamlessly blend with interiors

 Classical Child designs are not only gorgeous to look at but are functional and practical, turning the everyday into something special & beautiful.