Tip for wearing Jelly Shoes

Tip for wearing Jelly Shoes

Jelly shoes scream summer & childhood, who can't remember the clear glittery jellys of the 90's!  Those little shoes protected tiny toes from sharp rocks & stones and pinchy crabs!  They retained their glitteriness even when soaked in saltwater. Like most girls growing up in the 90's jelly shoes are part of our childhood identity!

Enter summer 2021 and the Classical Child Summer Sandal Collection!  But no glitter here, in gorgeous new gender neutral colours, navy, rust and myrtle green this new modern take on Jelly Shoes will have your little one with Jelly Shoes memories of their own!

Along with the sparkly memories of our childhood, also are some lurking memories of little blisters.  Ouch - we don't want that happening again.

Read on for our tips on a comfortable jelly wearing summer!

1.  As with any pair of shoes don't make the first wear a big day with lots of walking, sounds pretty basic but it's surprising how many of us forget common sense when it comes to wearing new shoes!  Whether for ourselves or our children,  any new shoes can give you blisters the first few times you wear them becuase they rub against new spots on your feet compared to old shoes.  A quick few minutes around the house for a handful of times will break in the shoes.

2.  Avoid wearing jelly shoes & bare feet on very hot days for long periods of time, sweat build up can cause friction between shoes & little feet, going for a long walk, especially in the heat when little feet are likely to sweat is basically asking for some serious chafing.

3.  Good old petroleum jelly - a great way to reduce friction between little feet & shoes is by lubrication them so they slide rather than rub, apply a little bit of vaseline or petroleum jelly on the foot and rub evenly, make sure not to apply any to the sole of the foot to avoid little feet slipping out of the shoes.

4.  Wear socks with the Jelly Shoes for the first and second wear.  Yep!  Socks & Jelly Shoes are a fashion statement in their own right!

Follow the tips above for happy feet & enjoy the sunshine!  Our Jelly Shoes love water!  Perfect for beach & pool use.





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