Stay at Home Activities - Cornflour Paint

Stay at Home Activities - Cornflour Paint

Child-friendly activities for self isolating families

Cornflour Paint Activity

Suitable for ages from 1 year up to 12 years old

My mum used to make this for me and my siblings as a child, and we have many happy memories of hours of fun spent outside with cornflour paint, my own children still love this activity and often ask for it on sunny days!

What you need:
Cornflour or cornstarch
Cold Water
Food colouring
Paintbrushes or sponges etc

Mix equal parts cornflour & water & a few drops of food colouring, you can divide this in batches of different colours.  You dont have to have your paint as bright as our images.

Use any old container as a paint bucket, or use muffin tins, or else if you have squeezy bottles spare, this can be a fun way to paint without brushes, possibly even use old sauce bottles etc.

Off you go outside with your paint and water!  This will need to be remixed occassionally with your paintbrush as the cornflour can tend to settle.

Go crazy!  Paint great artistic murals on the concrete outside, hopscotch, road for your bikes, paint your hand and feet to make prints, and much more, you are only limited by your imagination!

This can also be painted onto bricks and other washable surfaces (including childrens arms & legs if my kids are anything to go by!)

Best thing about this paint is it simply hoses off, or comes off with the rain, is safe if children put in their mouths.

This activity can be done in winter or summer, what's more fun & healthy that running around outside in your summer swimsuit playing!  Once you have covered all your hard area get the children out with the hose to clean it off and start again!  Or during winter, bundle them up in gumboots, coats, hats & don't forget the warm socks & tights, maybe hide the hose though, knows kids they will sniff water out from anywhere!


If you have any queries please don't hesitate to comment below.

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Keep an eye out for more child friendly activities for families stuck at home.

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