Nature Play Activity Book

Nature Play Activity Book

The one and only children's activity book you will ever need.

More green time, less screen time is a fitting way to describe the aim of this beautiful book.  Filled with all kids of nature play activities specifically designed to let any kiddo’s mind run wild and free.

All of the activities utilise ingredients from the natural world around us such as flowers, sticks, herbs, spices, leaves, wood and anything foragable.

This book is for three-year olds and 13-year olds and even for 83-year olds, anyone big or small who wishes to be inspired. It includes over 20 nature play activities that can be transformed by your own unique creativity.

Some of the projects included:

  • Flower crowns

  • Fabric printing

  • Wood whittling

  • Pocket press

  • Nature animals and aliens

  • Magic potions

  • Nature masks

  • Mud cakes

  • Ice excavating

  • Nature paintbrushes and more! 

A beautiful book with adorable photography, this is the perfect gift for any child or mother, make sure you order your copy here

Beautiful photography by the ever talented @sweet_little_light 

Featuring our Long Ribbed Socks in beautiful colours

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