How to survive the school holidays...........

How to survive the school holidays...........'s school holiday time again, and much as we dearly love our children it can be hard work occupying them and keeping up with the daily chores, especially if you are a working mum or have other responsibilities.  If last nights half empty bottle of shiraz is looking more appealing that a caffeine hit check out our tips below:

  • Start a rewards chart, write a list of positive and negative behaviour, have small daily rewards, and aim for something exciting in the last couple of days, it's amazing how kids respond to seeing something tangible down on paper.
  • Visit the museum - most cities and towns have untapped potential in the museum!  We have only just discovered them and the hours that have been spent there!  Most also run some sort of school holiday program, whether its an activity sheet to fill out or some other type of activity, teach them to look for the details in displays, they'll have hours of fun plus maybe learning at the same time.  Just make sure your phone has a full battery - great time to check out those sales online you haven't had a chance to at home.
  • Do things with other people, Your friends, particularly those with children or the parents of your children’s friends, will also be trying to find ways to entertain their children during school holidays. Go to the park for lunch and a play, a family friendly cafe or to each others houses, you get some adult conversation and kids love a change of scenery.
  • Let them take over a room or two in the house - seriousley what does it matter if your lounge is rearranged into huts for a couple of weeks!   Give them sheets and pegs and let them go.
  • Get out of the house - alone!  10mins walk by yourself after your other half is home from work can save a mums sanity!
  • Shout yourself a treat - you'll be happier and so will the kids - what better than a soothing scented candle, try our beautiful NZ made George & Edi candles, you'll never buy another candle again

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