Gift Ideas for Grandchildren

Gift Ideas for Grandchildren

Looking for the perfect gift for your grandchild, but aren’t sure where to start? It can certainly be overwhelming to buy presents for children these days, as there are so many options available! However, it doesn’t have to be a guessing game.  

Giving gifts is part of the magic of the grandparent/grandchild connection. You don't have to give big or expensive gifts. Gifts just need to be thoughtful and given with love.

Here at Classical Child we have all sorts of gorgeous gifts from stocking fillers to the perfect special occasion outfit.

The Ultimate Stocking Fillers

Perfect for filling any grandchilds christmas stocking our inexpensive little pairs of socks make the perfect christmas gift for your grandchild.  Bubs will love having warm comfy toes and your daughter or daughter-in-law will be chuffed at your thoughtfullness with a pretty but pratical present for baby.

Try a pair of pom pom socks for a little boy or some adorable little lace socks for a girl.


Baby Under 1 Year

What do you get a 1 year old for christmas?  What a question!  It's so hard to choose a gift for a child this young, toys will be played with for a couple of months and then the child will develop beyond.  Our pick would be a beautiful little matching set of clothing, how about giving your gift early so your special little grandchild can have something beautiful to wear on Christmas Day?  Make sure you capture some photos so you have the memories to look at forever.

Our pick for boys would have to be one of our adorable little romper suits, and for the ultimate baby girls christmas outfit try one of our cute little dresses and team with a matching bonnet, or for younger babies our Spanish Knitwear Sets (just like the Royal family wear) are sure to become a family heirloom.


 Children Over 1 Year

Once children start crawling and running around the ultimate accessory they need is a little hat for cooler days and those visits to the playground.  Try our warmer hats or bonnets for cooler climates, or our beautiful bonnets for those hto sunny days.  

Or what about gifting your grandchild a special little sweater for special occassions.  Have more than one grandchild?  How does little matching outfits for the whole family sound?


Extra Gifts

Looking for something to add into your grandchilds christmas gift, how about adding an adorable little pair of shoes, some luxurious patterned tights or one of our famous Condor cardigans (these cardigans are so cool they have abit of a cult following among mums!)



Don't Forget Mum.............

perfect gift for mums

The perfect present for any woman, our range of George & Edi candles are simply divine!  Hand poured in Wanaka these beautifully scented candles and diffusers would make anyone's day.  Mask the small of those nappies, or save for the evening when the kiddies are tucked up in bed, every mum desrves the luxury of a scented candle.



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