The Suite Set + the Ultimate Packing List

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This set is the magic charm to make at least one thing about giving birth simple.  

These are our signature, mindfully made bags to pack everything you'll need to take into the hospital when you welcome your precious baby.

Included in your Suite Set is

  • Nine colour coordinated sealing packing bags, made in Australia from BPA free, reusable and recyclable plastic
  • Detailed packing instruction sheet with the "how, what and why" of packing. Written for mama, baby and the support crew for one night, three-night and five-night stays
  • One "wash me" bag to quarantine things for washing
  • Reusable and recyclable Suite Set packaging, so you've got an extra packing bag to use as you wish

Each instruction sheet lists all that you need to pack and nothing you don't. The instructions have been developed after three years of research, consultation with Midwives, Obstetricians and hospitals. As well as formal focus groups of mamas who had been there, done that.

Are you being super thoughtful and lovely and planning to send the suite set as a gift? Please let us know in the purchase notes and we will include a gift card from you.

The perfect gift for any mum-to-be, baby shower gift.



"As a first time mum I was super overwhelmed by all the information out there so when it came to packing my hospital bag I’m so glad I got the suite set to take away all the guesswork! My hospital bag is packed and ready in the car now. Love that the bags are see through - can easily see what’s in each bag - and easy to follow packing guide!"

"What an amazing, thoughtful and easy concept. I LOVE my suite set so much! Every organiser needs these in their life."

"I wish I had these when I had my babies and had hubby/midwife/MIL/own mum rummaging around my bag to find things. Have purchased to give as a baby shower present to a soon to be single mum friend of mine and am confident it’ll be one of the best, most useful gifts she’s given."

"I have to say I’m always a last minute person but these have actually saved my life and my brain 🤣 so thank you for making life so much easier"

"I love being prepared and having both The Suite Set list and bags made it easy for both myself and my partner to easily find items amongst the craziness, even the hospital staff were impressed!"


As a first time Mum, the wonderful impending world of motherhood is exciting, yet a little overwhelming and confusing. This super handy product took the guess work out of what we needed to pack for the big day/s in hospital and made life so much easier!

I loved my Suite Set so much it's now my go-to baby shower gift when you want to give Mumma's something thoughtful and practical!"

"The Suite Set is the best gift a Mum can get = TIME! Instead of trying to figure out what to pack, overpacking, under packing and just NOT packing my hospital bag (like I have in the past), this amazing concept has gifted me SO much time back and really got me excited to pack my hospital bag third time round. I cannot recommend more highly!"


The Suite Set

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