Malo Nappy Rash Spray
Malo Nappy Rash Spray
Malo Nappy Rash Spray
Malo Nappy Rash Spray
Malo Nappy Rash Spray
Malo Nappy Rash Spray
Malo Nappy Rash Spray
Malo Nappy Rash Spray
Malo Nappy Rash Spray
Malo Nappy Rash Spray

Malo Nappy Rash Spray

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Nappy Rash Spray

is purpose designed to be a practical solution for on-the-go.

It means you can quickly nappy change, spray and keep moving. No need to rinse, rub or wipe it's a simpler alternative to traditional creams. 

It comes in a slim and compact bottle that fits easily into your nappy bag or change clutch. And can also be used when toilet training by simply spraying some on toilet paper to help wipe a messy toosh. 



  • All products are consciously made in Australia from simple, clean ingredients. If in doubt patch test first. For severe nappy rash please consult your doctor. 
An Australian native ingredient known for its incredible healing power. It has the highest recorded value of Vit C in the world

The holy grail of herbs. It has antifungal and antimicrobial properties help prevent infection and heal

Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial to help ease skin conditions like eczema and rashes

This non-allergenic oil boats Vit C & Vit E to help soothe inflamed skin and maintain skin softness

Rich in linoleic acid which helps to maintain the skin's natural barrier. Anti-inflammatory properties help dry skin conditions such as eczema

One of the most versatile essential oils it helps to treat fungal inflections and eczema 

One of the purest waters in Australia, sourced from the Blue Mountains

A natural alternative to paraben to help reduce fungi, mould and yeast

Vegetable Glycerine cools, soothes, and facilitates the healing of skin discomforts and conditions, such as scratches, cuts, blemishes, burns, itching, hives, rashes, sores, eczema, psoriasis, and other ailments that are characterised by dryness, itchiness, or inflammation

ZINC OXIDE (<2.5%)
A mineral topical aid to help treat skin rash, burning or itching.


    Shake bottle well and spray a thin layer to clean and dry baby bottom and each nappy change.
    No need to wipe or rub in, but if you do the silky formula will sink into your skin and won't leave any sticky residue.
    Formula dries to a thin film consistency in approx. 30secs and the nourishing oils will sink into the skin.
    Can also be used as a wet wipe when toilet training. Spray directly onto toilet paper to help clean child's toosh. No need to rinse or wipe off.
    Suitable for other areas including dry skin, cradle cap and eczema.