Cradle Pink Bumbo Floor Seat

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Soft, comfortable, easy-to-clean, portable and indestructible!... just some of the reasons parents rave about their BUMBO floor seat!

This award-winning floor seat is uniquely designed to allow your baby to sit unassisted, safely supported and comfortable.

As soon as your baby can support his own head you can seat him in the Bumbo Floor Seat. The seat has many technical design features that support the baby's posture allowing him to interact with his surroundings.

The Bumbo Floor Seat has received many awards from around the world for its effective and functional design, but be aware of copy products that lack some important features.

The Bumbo Floor Seat gently supports babies to sit up on their own. The deep seating surface and curved backrest of the design ease the baby into an upright position. The elevated leg openings of the seat gently reclines the baby towards the centre of the rounded backrest easing the baby into an upright position.

The floor seat is priceless during the stage of baby's development when they are particularly curious about their environment and more content to sit up than lying down. We all know the importance of tummy time, but the floor seat is an invaluable tool to give your baby a break from tummy time and a chance to sit up and eat, play and interact with you. Many other baby seats have come about since the introduction of the Bumbo Floor Seat but no other seat has ever proved to be as effective as the original Bumbo Floor Seat.

Age: from 3 to 12 months

Safety Straps: 3-point safety harness

Please carefully read the safety instructions which accompany your Bumbo Floor Seat. - Always use the restraint kit provided with the seat.

- Only use the seat on the floor or level ground surface.

- Never use on raised surfaces such as tables, benches, chairs, beds or near stairs. Even with the safety straps a floor seat can slide or tip off a raised surface.

- Always stay with and watch your baby during use.

- Never use the floor seat in or near water to avoid drowning.

This BUMBO is in colour Cradle Pink - for other colours please click here


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Perfect Seat for your little one

I purchased this for my daughter, she likes to sit upright and look around and it provides the support and comfort for her to do this independently. Perfect first floor seat, soft, portable and love we can add a play tray too. Recommend to other mums, dads and grandparents - it’s great!