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Discover our wide selection of Children's Socks. 
Knee high & ankle length, girls & boys socks online here at Classical Child! Featuring styles with pompoms and openwork lace - ages newborn to 6 years. Knee High Socks are trending and have become the must-have accessory in your child's wardrobe.
We carry a large range of Condor Spanish socks:  Condor is a world famous Spanish designer of children's socks and apparel.  A brand of esteemed quality - Condor are famed for their many unique embellishments from pom poms to lace and bows.  Condor recently came to the world's attention with Britan's Prince George was pictured wearing the classic Navy Ribbed Socks in official pictured released by the palace.   With the arrival of Princess Charlotte the lace socks, and other ankle style socks have become very sought after.
We also carry a range of socks designed specially for Classical Child - the Knee High Pom Pom Socks and the Knee High Tassel Socks have become an instant classic and very popular with customers worldwide.  
Available in New Zealand, Australia & Worldwide! New arrivals coming soon!

Navy Large Velvet Bow Socks

Navy Large Velvet Bow Socks

Regular price $26.99
Navy Openwork Tights

Navy Openwork Tights

Regular price $29.99
Long Side Detail Socks Navy | Condor

Long Side Detail Socks Navy

Regular price $16.99
Short Lace Socks Navy | Condor

Short Lace Socks Navy

Regular price $14.99
Navy Long Open Lace Socks | Condor

Navy Long Open Lace Socks

Sale price $12.99 Regular price $17.99
Detail Folded Cuff Sock

Detail Folded Cuff Sock

Sale price $10.99 Regular price $16.99