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Help! What do I pack in my hospital bag?

Posted by Stacie McLean on

The time to meet your new little one is getting closer!  You are collecting up items to pack into your hospital bag, but help!  Where do you start?!

Taking all the thinking out of packing, our Suite Set is the magic charm to make at least one thing about giving birth simple!

what do i pack in my hospital bag for having babyDetailed packing instruction sheets with the "how, what and why" of packing. Written for mama, baby and the support crew for one night, three-night and five-night stays, Each instruction sheet lists all that you need to pack and nothing you don't. The instructions have been developed after three years of research, consultation with Midwives, Obstetricians and hospitals. As well as formal focus groups of mamas who had been there, done that.




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